The post where I show you what I look like...

So, after a looong absence, I am back on the blogging wagon. I have some pretty wonderful friends and family that have been pushing me to really start my blog. I love to write, but am always a nervous nancy about what people will think. Is it silly? Am I using the correct grammar? Does anyone REALLY care about what I think? All I know is that I myself love to read personal blogs, so I guess there is a market out there, huh?

Anyway, I have found that the "introductory" garb is what gets me the most worked up.  OH the pressure! I feel the need to make a splash...but what I really want to talk about today is Easter candy. So, be looking for that post shortly :) Just so we can get acquainted, here are a few pictures of my family of four.

My boo and I on our wedding day!

Our "Girls", Belle and Sadie
Oh, Hai

Hope you come back! We will have some fun, I promise you that!



  1. You look so beautiful! What a lovely photograph - I'm getting married in the summer and hope to have a picture as lovely as yours :)


  2. Love your photograph --your dress is beautiful! Can't wait to join you on your blogging journey!

  3. Thank you all for the sweet comments! I am thrilled to already have some followers :) And stay tuned...our one year wedding anniversary is April 17th, so I plan on doing a big wedding re-cap post!

  4. You look gorgeous in your wedding photo! Beautiful dress! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  5. I'm a new follower! Welcome to the blogging world :)

  6. YAY for another UK Wildcat!! Welcome back to the blogging world. LOVE your blog design!

  7. Love both the pics and so glad to see you back! I am waiting for the day when I can get some peaceful quiet time to myself to do a blog updating. Hasn't happened yet. Miss you :)