Yes, it's a rather generic title, but I simply couldn't spend one more moment trying to think of something clever to say. Instead, I will say:

Welcome to my happy little blog home!!

I am 20-something newlywed living in Savannah, GA. Born and raised in Atlanta-High School in Lexington, KY-College at University of Kentucky-Back to ATL and now in Savannah with the hubs. That's all you get for now, if you have any interest in following this blog, you will get more than your fair share on my background.

So why the title, Don't waste the Pretty? It comes from the book "He's just not that into you". I read the book years ago while I was in college. Yes, it does mean don't waste your time on losers that never have any intention of marrying you. However, for me, it means many things. I feel like as a woman, I choose daily to not waste my pretty. Not on stress, worry, meanness, and all those other bad words. I like to try my hardest to see the pretty in all things-people, books, clothes, relationships, food, and so on. After all, pretty is as pretty does. Best advice I ever received.

So excited to begin my "blogging journey" and sincerely hope that someone can find a little pleasure here :)