Gotta get down on Friday

Happy Friday! If you aren't familiar with the title of my post, it's most likely better that way. One listen to that little youtube sensation and it will never.leave.your.head.

Today while I was scouring the internet for the ultimate Easter ensemble, (it's my FAV holiday, better than Christmas) I came across this sweet little Milly number. What really makes this dress special is that it's called the "Haley" dress. Different spelling, but still my name. And I am pretty positive that there is some sort of fashion rule that states you are allowed to buy anything that shares your name. Think hubs will buy it?!

image via net-a-porter.com

Happy weekend lovies! Go out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!



The Azaleas are blooming, it must be Master's week!

Truth be told, I don't really care too much about golf. My father was an avid golfer and always wanted me to try the sport, but let's be honest, I am just not an athlete. Any time I am around sports that involve a ball, I Immediately picture my two front teeth knocked out and the paranoia sets in. However, growing up in Georgia, the Master's hysteria is all around. I never know the date that it begins, I just know it's around the corner when the azaleas begin to bloom.
Amen corner; holes 11,12,13. image via masters.com

Image via masters. com

However, let's get down to what I actually really like about the Master's: hot golfers. Love my hubs, but he isnt into golf AT ALL. He would much prefer fishing offshore in columbia shorts sporting his costa's. While I also clearly enjoy those types of boys, prepster golfer's have ALWAYS had my heart.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Some older pros:

My absolute fave! Phil Mikelson. Seems so nice and has a supa cute little family

Another oldie but goodie, Fred Couples. Remember watching him win the Master's with my dad many moons ago

Now, onto the more age appropriate (is it even considered appropriate since I am a married woman talking about hottie pro athletes?):

be.still.my.heart. Adam Scott
A tad too pretty for my liking, but still easy on the eyes. Camilo Villegas

And lest we forget one of the greats, Arnold Palmer. I really like him...but only because his namesake also happens to be one of my favorite bevvie's of all time. What's an Arnie Palmer, you say? Otherwise known as a half and half, it's yummy sweet tea and lemonade mixed together. Just go ahead and head over to your local Chick fil A and tell 'em I sent ya...



The post where I show you what I look like...

So, after a looong absence, I am back on the blogging wagon. I have some pretty wonderful friends and family that have been pushing me to really start my blog. I love to write, but am always a nervous nancy about what people will think. Is it silly? Am I using the correct grammar? Does anyone REALLY care about what I think? All I know is that I myself love to read personal blogs, so I guess there is a market out there, huh?

Anyway, I have found that the "introductory" garb is what gets me the most worked up.  OH the pressure! I feel the need to make a splash...but what I really want to talk about today is Easter candy. So, be looking for that post shortly :) Just so we can get acquainted, here are a few pictures of my family of four.

My boo and I on our wedding day!

Our "Girls", Belle and Sadie
Oh, Hai

Hope you come back! We will have some fun, I promise you that!