The Azaleas are blooming, it must be Master's week!

Truth be told, I don't really care too much about golf. My father was an avid golfer and always wanted me to try the sport, but let's be honest, I am just not an athlete. Any time I am around sports that involve a ball, I Immediately picture my two front teeth knocked out and the paranoia sets in. However, growing up in Georgia, the Master's hysteria is all around. I never know the date that it begins, I just know it's around the corner when the azaleas begin to bloom.
Amen corner; holes 11,12,13. image via masters.com

Image via masters. com

However, let's get down to what I actually really like about the Master's: hot golfers. Love my hubs, but he isnt into golf AT ALL. He would much prefer fishing offshore in columbia shorts sporting his costa's. While I also clearly enjoy those types of boys, prepster golfer's have ALWAYS had my heart.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Some older pros:

My absolute fave! Phil Mikelson. Seems so nice and has a supa cute little family

Another oldie but goodie, Fred Couples. Remember watching him win the Master's with my dad many moons ago

Now, onto the more age appropriate (is it even considered appropriate since I am a married woman talking about hottie pro athletes?):

be.still.my.heart. Adam Scott
A tad too pretty for my liking, but still easy on the eyes. Camilo Villegas

And lest we forget one of the greats, Arnold Palmer. I really like him...but only because his namesake also happens to be one of my favorite bevvie's of all time. What's an Arnie Palmer, you say? Otherwise known as a half and half, it's yummy sweet tea and lemonade mixed together. Just go ahead and head over to your local Chick fil A and tell 'em I sent ya...



  1. <3 athletes. and i love your wedding picture below! it's stunning! and even a vineyard vines bow tie! xoxo

  2. hey Hayley!! i'm following :-) excited to read what you have to say!

    check out my page when you get a chance! www.handyhousemom.com...we can be 'blogging buddies' ;-)
    -kati p

  3. Love the Arnold Palmer!!! I can't wait to drink some with you on the boat this summer!!! Wahoo!

  4. LOVE your run down on the hotties and I agree completely!

  5. You CRACK me up! Yes, there is something hot about a guy all prepped up to play some golf. I've seen ol Phil play before, but was much too young to appreciate. 21 maybe. Oh and love how you associate events with bloom times. Ross might know that when the dog woods are in bloom the bass are out!

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